Hi Denis, Marcel,

so far you have accepted minor adjustments here and there, rejected the gemaltomodem/location-reporting, gave very useful comments on the gemaltomodem/voicecall atom. On top of it, I have some homework to find out which call of the option linux kernel is blocking for 30/60 seconds.

For the gemaltomodem/gprs-context, it is not clear how to proceed. Would you kindly give some suggestion other than "these modules don't exist in my world"?

Also, I would like to know where do we stand with the following, on which I have seen no commments at all:
from the 23.09.2018:
  atmodem/gprs: added LTE and NR indicators - absolutely needed to handle IMC stacks
  atmodem/gprs: added autoattach handling - needed to avoid ofono self-destruction
  atmodem/gprs: initial Gemalto vendor - on top of the previous ones

from the 25.09.2018:
  4 patches for the OFONO_GPRS_AUTH_METHOD_NONE.
Here I need to know if you are willing to do it or not. The initial answer was permissive, but then I have the impression you changed your mind.

Thank you,
best regards,