Hello Everyone,


We want to provide an update on the license for SBL.


Slim Bootloader leverages some libraries from EDKII and also uses the EDKII build infrastructure. Recently the EDKII community decided to relicense the EDKII code under BSD-2-Clause-Patent.


BSD-2-Clause-Patent license is designed to provide a simple permissive license and also has an express patent grant included. https://spdx.org/licenses/BSD-2-Clause-Patent.html


After careful consideration, we believe BSD-2-Clause-Patent license will benefit SBL customers as well as this license is as permissive as BSD 2 clause and also includes an express patent grant included. Based on this we have updated the Slim Bootloader license to BSD-2-Clause-Patent to better align with EDKII.


Please check the Slim Bootloader’s license here -



The Slim Bootloader open source project contains the additional components that are covered by their respective licenses as listed in https://github.com/slimbootloader/slimbootloader/tree/master/Licenses