Hello Sherry,


This list is specific to discussion of the userspace libraries and infrastructure under development here: https://github.com/tpm2-software. Your question seems to be unrelated to this project unless I’m misunderstanding. You may have better luck on a list more focused on hardware (possibly the linux device driver?).





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Subject: [tpm2] when SPI controller is DMA mode, TPM can not work


HI All,

X86, kernel4.16:

SPI port0 flash is used to boot BIOS.

SPI port1 flash is a device.

SPI port2 is connected with TPM.



I set the SPI controller is DMA mode, port0/1 flash can work well.

devmem 0xfed40000

OS hang and reboot can not work .So I poweroff.

Does anyone know what is cause?





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