Hi Tadeusz,


Thank you for correction:)

I look into the spec and I’m sending TPM2_AC_SEND command,

it mentioned that policySession->commandCode of policy session context is required to be TPM_CC_AC_SEND, otherwise it will report TPM_RC_POLICY_FAIL.

But I can’t find the definition of policySession in TPM spec part2, and commandCode:



Could you help?





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On 3/28/19 1:06 AM, Shen, Songwu wrote:

> Under Windows, I encounter an error 0x99D response from the TPM when calling function Tss2_Sys_AC_Send() to send data from TPM to Attached Component.


> And searching in the TPM spec, looks like this is the error:


As far as I can see the 0x99D is a policy check failed.

The spec says that for TPM2_AC_Send the authorization for sendObject is required to be a policy session.

Make sure that you setup your authorization correctly.