[RFC PATCH 00/30] QMI rework

Denis Kenzior denkenz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 14:51:40 PDT 2018

Hi Jonas,

> So, that said, this is my attempt at cleaning up service sharing in the
> QMI core.  The jist of this is that we switch to a model that looks a
> bit like file descriptions/descriptors in Linux.  The QMI services
> obtain a service description which manages their info and the underlying
> connection (client id) state that the 'shared services' actually share.

So can you save me the trouble of looking through 30 patches and 
describe what the end resulting API is going to look like?

> On top of this service description we provide service descriptors which
> provide private state.  Requests and notifications are registered on the
> service descriptor and their lifetimes are tied to it; when the service
> descriptor is closed (released), the requests and notifications can be
> cleaned up without affecting other users of the shared unlying
> description.

This sounds an awful lot like what GAtChat does.  Except less flexible 
since you can't unregister or cancel an individual notification/request.


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